What is new in Slovenia?

Slovenian project partner Ezavod is implementing project activities in cooperation with Šentjur School Center and as part of the participatory budgeting workshops held in year 2022 within PlanetSOEN3.0 students have developed project ideas of creating high beam garden, local cookbook with local ingredients and a project or a cleaner environment without waste in local community. The students have been aware, before the developed of project ideas, that municipality of Šentjur, where the students come from does not have a participatory budget.

In March 2023 we have carried out trainings for 8 students at the Šentjur School Center. Due to
students’ school commitments, the sessions were held on Tuesdays and Fridays. The objective of
local trainings was finalized prepared students project ideas and find sources of funding in the local
environment, such as the municipality’s participatory budget or other sources that could ensure the
implementation of project ideas. During training students’ ideas was tailored for actual
implementation and new ideas have aroused. As part of the training, we have updated existing idea
and developed a new one for which we will seek funding:

– creating high beam garden in the immediate vicinity of a home for the elderly
– setting up a beehive in the Ptuj City Garden

The students do not represent a institution or company so there are limited possibilities to carry out
the planned project. Together with cooperation and mentoring the plan of implementation of project
idea was prepared. The decision how to find local sponsors for materials needed have been accepted
by students. They decided to ask for co-financing the Mayor’s Office directly. Throughout the process
of developing the project idea, the students have shown a sense of belonging to their community,
but at the forefront students’ minds shows the desire to socialise with their peers and create
something to show their belonging to the community.

The second project idea relates to promotion of pollinators in urban spaces. The students want to set
up a beehive in Ptuj’s city garden, because the popularity of urban beekeeping is growing on rapidly.
The students have agreed that bringing hives into natural/urban areas where they can decrease bee
exposure to agro-chemicals and increase the diversity of nectar sources for honey production and
nutrition. Local government can play a leading role in addressing the decline of pollinators, since they can
raise citizen awareness and promote pollinator-friendly management of urban spaces. The student will
submit idea to City of Ptuj participatory budget.

The PlanetSOEN workshops have help student acquire skill in development of climate resilient,
socially responsible and ideas focused on the green economy, and we have manage to engage
students and young towards a meaningful economic and social participation in their communities.