PlaNET SOEN 3.0 is a natural follow-up to the successful previous projects PlaNET SOEN 1.0 and PlaNET SOEN 2.0, which were implemented by the leading organization Agency for the Development of Gemer Region in 2016-2021.

In the PlaNET SOEN 3.0 project our organization is joined by other partner organizations from three EU countries (Poland, Croatia and Slovenia), which will implement the same project activities in their respective countries and regions.

The priority of our project is to promote entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young people. If we want to improve the high unemployment rate, improve our regional (national) competitiveness and thus the overall economic recovery of the “forgotten” regions, we need to promote entrepreneurship education among young people in both formal and informal ways.

Our regions suffer from a high rate of emigration of young people, which causes a strong ‘brain drain’. We have therefore developed a programme aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment to support young people in order to eliminate the brain drain effect.

Students who participate in this project will gain irreplaceable experience, skills in project development, management and financial sustainability, marketing, implementation and promotion, improve their communication skills and English language skills, how to interact with peers and people from other countries and cultures.

School participatory budget – active students will implement in their school pro-community and pro-social  oriented micro-projects which will improve life in the school and help to fulfill needs of school community. Montorship by local entrepreneurs – students’ personal mentors will be involved in activities of the project. They will interact with young potential entrepreneurs and all involved subjects, coordinate flow of thoughts of future social entrepreneurs towards needs and demand of local market and build future network and idea of mutual help. Students internship in local businesses – Thanks to mentorship programme and internship, students will get to know world of business from practical experience and personal stories of successful entrepreneurs. All skills, knowledge and experience will support their personal and professional development and improve their chances on labor market.
International trainings – chosen students will have a chance to participate on international trainings that will take place in project partner countries. The subject of trainings will be: Financial structure, Marketing and Innovations & Sustainability.

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