News from our Croatian PlaNET SOEN 3.0 project partner

On 15.02.2023, 16.02.2023. and 17.02.2023., and then on 02.03.2023. and 03.03.2023, staff members of the Local Development agency Pins – Natalija Mamula and Josipa Liker and teachers Sanja Kaloper and Tomislava Vančina Brajdić, conducted trainings for 15 students and several high school teachers from Secondary School in Delnice, Croatia. In process of implementation of the ideas they were supervisor and adviser for those youngsters and helped them in the process. Purpose of these local trainings was to do final preparation of student project ideas to submit at municipality participatory budget competition / grants and to connect active students, who care and want to develop and work in their community. This is crucial moment of this upgraded version of PlaNET SOEN 3.0 project.

For the aforementioned 3 days, they worked on the City of Delnice’s participatory budget call “Natječaj za financiranje programa Javnih potreba Grada Delnica za 2023 godinu“ (Call for financing the Public Needs Program of the City of Delnice for 2023).

The school submitted 1 students projects to this public call called „ORGANSKI ŠKOLSKI VRT“ (Organic school garden).

All students of the 3rd grade of the Delnice Secondary School majoring in economics would decorate the neglected area behind the school, and all other students of the school who want to could join in the decoration. They would remove trees and bushes that spoil the appearance of the school environment and have a demotivating effect on students. They would plant choke-berry on the cleared area because it is a plant that does not need a lot of light and would be suitable for such dark and humid school area. They need about 50 seedlings, which the students would also plant.

As they say: “Also as part of the Erasmus+ Planet SOEN 3, students developed project ideas to help the local community through their own activities. By exchanging experiences with colleagues from Slovenia, Slovakia and Poland, the students determined that the surroundings of the school should be cleaner, tidier, more biologically sustainable, richer. Therefore, with this project, we would acquire fruit tree seedlings that are suitable for our climate and the micro-climate of the school environment (apples, pears, cherries, plums). The fruits of the fruit trees will be consumed by the students of our school, which will be displayed in the school lobby. In order to make students aware of bio-diversity, sustainable development and the tradition of fruit growing in our region, this project will provide a projector and a project screen that will be placed in the economics classroom where appropriate presentations and workshops will be held on these topics in accordance with the school curriculum. With this project, the students of our school are up to date with the existing trends of the economy, the goal of which is the combination of green and digital.”