PlaNET SOEN project team has created a Training materials on School Participatory Budget

As PlaNET SOEN 3.0 project objective is to promote engaging more inclusive education and social entrepreneurship among young people by empowering them through innovative and integrated approaches, our SOEN team has created a new training material on School Participatory Budget.

Our training materials will explain you the methodology of  School Participatory Budget as an innovative non-formal educational tool for young people ́ project development and will help to implement it in the communities. The aim is to put more attention into fostering the development of social and civic competences at the high school and municipality level. These new approaches will support the dynamics of school and community life and promote more responsible and caring autonomous young people, exercising permanently their citizenship in a nurturing and creative environment.

We have analyzed, that delivering training such training can have a positive impact on brain drain from the region, social exclusion, unemployment rate of young people and regional (national) competitiveness.

This training material can be transferred to any region facing the same challenges. We have found out that to reach this objective, we need to promote youth empowerment through engaging entrepreneurship education, which will empower them not only in the school environment, but as well as at the municipality level.

This training material is targeted at young people with age from 15 to 19 and youth workers; other groups indirectly targeted: teachers, school and municipal communities.

Our training materials on School participatory budget are focused on blended learning. Is an approach to education that combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online using smartphones with traditional face-to-face methods.

As different studies show young people (age from 15 to 19) consume the most content on their smartphones, therefore it will be more natural for them to interact in the form of mobile nonformal education.

Our training materials consist of a combination of: online and materials, face-to-face nonformal training, virtual classroom, webinars, links, simulations, nonformal assessment and one-on-one coaching.

For the link to our School Participatory Budget training material click here.