PlaNET SOEN 3.0 starts again after summer with online workshops

After the summer break, the PlaNET SOEN 3.0 project is starting up again with the first online workshop, that will take place from 20-22. 9. 2022 on 4 high schools in all our project partner countries (PL,SK,HR,SI), which aims:

  1. To prepare youth leaders/students via online training course to sort out studentĀ“s ideas according to proposed business social models
  2. To compose a real project targeting either at municipality participatory budget level or at any other community grants level
  3. To learn more about green economy and social innovative features of the entrepreneurship
  4. To gain experience and learn about new topics of social entrepreneurship in order to transform this knowledge in to practice 

Until now our project PlaNET SOEN 3.0 gave students strong base of basic knowledge and skills in socially oriented project development and implementation. School participatory budget is sort of simulation of real business project development with pro-community and pro-social orientation. During our upcoming online and offline trainings students will have chance to experience parallels between their projects and social businesses and start to transform their projects to social business plans.

Our trainings will be led in form of non-formal trainings/workshops by using visualizations, simulations, group work, games, role plays, discussions and active participation of participants.

Students will upload their videos and other outputs from this upcoming online training course directly on Google disk here, where they will have access:

We cannot wait to see their ideas and their student business plans.

Feedback form for all 3 days of PlaNET SOEN 3.0 online workshop: