PlaNET SOEN 3.0 partner organisations plan their mutual job shadowing

In just a few weeks, our partner organisations will start visiting each other.

The aim of this “job shadowing” is to give the sending organisation the opportunity to observe the staff of the receiving organisation in their daily work in their working environment. In particular, it is about exchanging examples of good practice, innovative approaches to personal development as well as building a strong transnational PlaNET SOEN network.

Peer placements in our partner organisations focus on on-the-job training, career development, leadership development and aim to learn new skills related to youth work or the functioning of the host organisation. This is a unique opportunity where Slovenia will visit Slovakia and Croatia will visit Poland so that they can observe the staff at the project partner for 14 days and thus get a better idea of the activities and methods used in that country. This will help to understand specific activities and apply them in their own organisation and country.

The mutual internship of our partner organisations also allows them to be more confident, aware and better prepared to take on new tasks and activities. “Job shadowing” at work can help to get a better overview of new, available and innovative opportunities and the required competences for possible future roles in one’s own organisation. This is also its essence – the ability to transfer knowledge and experience from one individual to another, to learn and exchange ideas, helps in networking and exploring opportunities.

We believe that this activity will be mutually beneficial, interesting and will bring many new ideas for the future of PlaNET SOEN 3.0.