Students from Poland write about their new school graffiti project

The students of our partner school from Poland (ZSI in Kielce) have finished their graffiti mural project, which was supposed to beautify the surroundings of their school.

The students themselves told us about their project:

“Around the city, our attention was drawn to the painted walls, full of vulgar inscriptions, symbols, or simply scribbles. When we heard that at our school there was an action exempted from the theory, we decided that it was a chance for us to change at least one place. In our school, there was a huge wall in the gym that was smeared in the inscriptions. We have decided that we will start our adventure from this wall, because such an anointed wall affects the willingness, well-being and attitude of students to school. Now that there is graffiti there, we noticed that most of the students like it and prefer a graffiti wall rather than a dingy and smudged one. The students themselves chose this graffiti in a vote we did at school. Our graffiti is a project of one of our school’s students. Wanting to make graffiti at school, our intention was the subject of our school, i.e. an IT technical school. The graffiti shows, first of all, a large inscription “ENTER”, which was supposed to denote one of the keys on the keyboard, as well as, in the sense of ENTER, the entrance, i.e. inviting new students to school. In addition to the inscription, we also have the pokemon “Umbreon”, the famous meme dog who is wearing headphones and there is a mouse around him. There is also a human monitor with a computer.

Graffiti is colorful, so it catches the attention of visitors, students and staff.
It went like we wanted and like we planned so I must say that we are really proud of our work and ourselves!”