Slovenia is introducing its students´ projects

Our last partner country to present its students’ projects is Slovenia.
Their school is focused on agriculture and machine repairs, but also on the production and processing of food – baker, confectioner. Therefore, some of their projects are focused on these specific professions.

Well-being of farm animals / Cow hoof trimmer – This project is focused on self production of cage for cow hoof trimming, where there will be possibility to educate veterinary technicians at School center Šentjur how to trim cows´ hoofs. Hoof trimming is very expensive, so veterinary technicians through their secondary education don’t get enough practical knowledge. Also our school doesn’t have hoof trimmer, so student Luka Čater decided, that he will make one, much cheaper, by himself with the help of his classmates.

From farming to profit / Not only milk brings money – The main goal of this project is to introduce students to agriculture that uses more profitable techniques at home farming and consequently these students might change their minds about type of farming (not only milk production).

Main problem is that farmers don’t want to change their habits and don’t want to accept new changes and they are sceptic about implementing new and more profitable farming techniques on their own farms. With this project Matej Jager wants to work with students of agriculture at School center Šentjur. There will be excursions to farms which implements new and profitable techniques of farming and will be willing to show them to the students. Students, visiting farms at local environment will get extra knowledge about modern processes and hopefully it will change their opinions that: “Only milk on farms brings money”. This project is in Slovenia needed because many farms produce only milk, so the price of milk by farms is getting lower and lower every year. We must import vegetable and fruit from another countries. The target groups are students, still educating at the field of agriculture, and want to change their habits and environment.

School courtyard wooden benches – Students showed a clear interest in spending their free time between classes outside, in the fresh air. After all, the school itself is located in a beautiful environment between the hills and it should be used and enjoyed to the fullest.

Therefore, they would like to make wooden benches from used pallets, which would provide comfortable moments for all students, where they could meet, relax, prepare for next lessons or enjoy their snack.