OUR LEGACY – our first student´s project from Slovakia

We would like to introduce you to our first student´s PlaNET SOEN 3.0 project from Slovakia.

OUR LEGACY project was created by Slivia Mojžišová from Evangelical gymnasium in Banská Bystrica. She explains:

“We think that our project is necessary for increasing awareness about social issues such as environment, gender inequality, woman empowerment, youth alcohol/ drug use, bullying, social justice and we want to show them how art therapy works and make them interested in these topics by setting art competition where if their painting would have most votes from teachers and students they will get some great prize and this painting would make our school walls a little bit more creative.

Our main aim is to make students in our school more aware of issues which are actual right now and to make them meet new people who are interested in same topics as they are, we want to achieve this by two workshops and art competition. The winner would be chosen by students and teachers and painting which would have most votes would be displayed on wall in our school, and winner would get great prize. Our other main aim is to make our school environment more creative.”