Our international PlaNET SOEN 3.0 workshop in Slovakia was a great success

It is a few days after our international PlaNET SOEN 3.0 workshop in the heart of Slovakia and we bring you insights from our students from Slovenia, Croatia, Poland and Slovakia about what this week was like, what they learned and what do they take with them.

“My experience with the PlaNET SOEN project in Slovakia was absolutely amazing. I met a lot of new people and friends with whom I spent a beautiful week. I really liked the place we stayed because Donovaly is beautiful part of Slovakia. ”

“I liked the program there the most, as it was thematically connected every day. I think the program was very well done, I liked the activities, the perfect execution of even the smallest things, such as talking about our initial concerns, expectations and suggestions. ”

“Economics is an important thing in modern society. Therefore, it is good to know every little thing about it, including the possibility of setting up social enterprises. It was a good idea to make the course international so that we could learn to work with different types of people and practice communication in another language. I have learned a huge number of things that I find very useful for my future life, I have met so many great people there. They taught us things so that it was not boring at all and, moreover, it was presented in an incredibly interesting way. ”

I met more people not only from my Slovak team but also from other countries and it was interesting to see all the differences and similarities we had as Slavs. The participants, teachers and trainers were all so nice and welcoming, everyone was so passionate and determined to improve their own project and we gave each other good advice. ”

“From what I learned, I was probably most interested in how to make a Gantt chart, for example, or how to make a good project budget. When I came to Slovakia, our team was not quite sure about some of the details of our project, so it really helped me to think about the things I would like to achieve with this project. So I think this training was really amazing and I also learned a lot about how to write a good project. ”

“Most of the things I’ve learned are related to project management, such as the Gantt chart for time I will use in the future, assigning roles to people, the KISS rule … But I also learned to work in a group and I improved in English I think our project has also improved. because I came to the workshop, I wasn’t sure about our project, but when the week ended, I knew what and how to do next. ”

“The workshop in Slovakia helped me to better understand the process and individual tasks in creating projects. workshops, I liked that we were in small groups and we were able to share and answer the questions we had and that we had time to work on our projects. I think I liked the games between sessions the most, they were really extraordinary and some even challenging. The energizers were truly amazing and energizing, helping me work harder and focus. Everyone also liked the games, it was a nice way to try and find out our strengths in addition to having fun. I also liked how they changed every activity. wrote the games we played, yet we learn important things. ”

“International evenings were really interesting and fun. The atmosphere was great, I think everyone liked it! We played games, sang, listened to music, celebrated birthdays and tasted typical dishes from each country. The day we spent in Banská Bystrica was one of my favorite days, because we saw a lot of new things and had free time to walk around the city. ”

“I would also like to thank all the teachers and trainers, because they have prepared an amazing program for us. After all, it was an opportunity to discover, and I really enjoyed it. ”