PlaNET SOEN 2.0 held its last online workshop on Marketing

After a longer break caused by a serious pandemic situation in all member countries of our PlaNET SOEN 2.0 project, we decided to move our last workshop from the environment of the beautiful Slovenian city of Šjentur to online space.

And so, at the turn of November and December 2020, we all met in front of our computer screens and during five days we learned and improved our skills on the topics of Marketing.

It was not just a theoretical part such as digital marketing and strategy, social media and marketing, creation of web content and the role of influencers. The workshops also consisted of very valuable lectures on topics such as Trends in Graphic Design or Slovenia and digital marketing, which was presented to us by Mrs. Colarič from the Slovenian Tourist Agency.

Finally, students could create their own product branding, company logo or event design through the online tool Canva, where they created imaginative and creative collages that aimed to put into practice what they had learned in 5 days of the workshop and improved their skills in the field of marketing.