Our internship taught us to recycle our clothes

Margareta Sulova and Karin Fabanova, students of the Evangelical Gymnasium in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia who are intensively involved in the PlaNET SOEN 2.0 project, recently took part in a student internship at the NOSENÉ store in B.Bystrica, where old clothes get a new chance. Even before, both students visited the store and always had a great experience of how the store was beautifully organized. But then they both found out what is needed, to make it look that way. In order to achieve a great result in the store, it is necessary to sort the items brought from people, pack them, find a place to store, wash it, hang it up, iron it, fold itand finally make a pricing, take a photos and upload them on the store´s website and Instagram. Just a lot of work.

Their task consisted mainly in sorting the brought clothes or repairing damaged pieces. They were particularly interested in what process the clothes had to go through before it is displayed in the store.

As they say together, “It motivated us, because we can easily transform some of the things in our wardrobes. The internship taught us that a lot of effort and work is behind a nice result. The main idea that has moved us forward is that we need to think about recycling and not unnecessarily throwing damaged clothes into the trash ”.

Finally, the students emphasized that NOSENÉ has prepared discount vouchers for anyone who will donate their unnecessary clothes. Everything is well thought out and moreover, part of each purchase is donated to the NGO that helps abused women. In the devolved meaning, we do not buy clothes just to look good on us, but also because we can really help someone.