Students fight against xenophobia

Fears of young people about the unknown, their opinion that it is dangerous to travel to less developed countries, that only the rich people travel and that traveling is time consuming, all of this misconceptions were tried to be demolished by students of the Evangelical High School in Banská Bystrica as part of the “Traveler Soirée” project.

It is through the “Traveler Soirée” project that students respond to the manifestations of hate and xenophobia of young people towards people from other, especially from the so-called. “third” countries, but also respond to their unfounded prejudices against some races, countries or even continents.

The student project offered interesting travel lectures about France, China and Indonesia from experienced travelers, students had the opportunity to experience a mini streetfood festival and taste dishes from those countries, or take a mini-calligraphy course.

Through these activities, students wanted to bring their classmates closer to all the enjoyable aspects and benefits of traveling, demolish many travel myths and also show that learning can be fun, not just in the form of mindless memorizing from books. The aim of the students was to arouse the enthusiasm for discovering new things and to open up new horizons, destinations, smells and tastes of the world.