PlaNET SOEN 2.0 project is in its half!

Last month our project partners met in Slovenia for their overview and reflection of what has been done last school year in each project partner country.

Partners reflected upon the strong and weak sides of the activities and all partners agreed, that the SPB was very beneficial activity for the schools, and that the students got really  involved in the decision making process.
All partners agreed, that the role of the teacher in this project is very important. Teacher is the one, who can help the youth worker to reach the student and help to promote and implement the project activities.

In Poland the most beneficial activity according the project partner was the 1 st workshop, where they were identifying the issues at the school in order to start the project idea development.

In Portugal it was the  implementation phase of SPB and the feedback from the students.

In Slovakia it was also the implementation of the SPB projects as well as mentoring.

In Slovenia the strongest impact activity was the mentoring & internship, where they managed to build a really strong connection platform.
All partners agreed, that it was beneficial to choose small companies for the internships and at the end of internship it is a good practice to compare each social entrepreneur, how they performed and coped with the tasks of being student´s coach.