Poland has voted for their studnets´ best projects

Implementation of the School Participatory Budget in Kielce, Poland could start thanks to funds allocated by the Parents Committee. Shortly after the start of school 2018/2019 several non-formal workshops for upper-secondary education students were organized and were focused on students ideas for improvements at the school.

Eventually four projects were submitted. The authors of those projects participated in 3 workshops, during which they could: specify and analyze the needs of the local community – their school, learn about project management, project finance and promotion.

All students who had submitted their projects to the School Participatory budget, could take part in mentorship and a 5 day internship at local companies. Three students, with the best motivation for pursuing a mentorship and internship, had become a part of the work environment of such local companies as: Kielecki Park Technologiczny, SimpleOutsourcing.pl and Energetyczne Centrum Nauki.

Short description of the School Participatory Budget projects in Poland:

In Poland, the students from I Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace im. Stefana Zeromskiego in Kielce submitted the below listed project ideas for the School participatory budget:

  • Starting a school newspaper (on-line and printed version), combined with journalism workshops.
  • Steps for first aid, stickers on staircase with first aid instructions and first aid workshops.
  • Cosplay, an event in which participants wear costumes to represent a specific character from movies, with dancing and contests.
  • Lectures on mini-companies, by academic teachers and practitioners.

The students who submitted their project ideas to the School Participatory Budget carried out also promotion of their projects among other students. After this promotion voting on the projects by the school community took place. In the voting three winning projects were selected to be supported with funds from the School Participatory Budget.

  • Starting a school newspaper, combined with journalism workshops.
  • Steps for first aid and first aid workshops.
  • Cosplay event.

The implementation of the students projects was supported by mentoring by members of Association Education by the Internet.