Slovenian student projects are BIO and ECO-local

The Šentjur agricultural school is one of the oldest in Slovenia. Students here study various professions such as baker, confectioner, food processing technician etc.

Student´s projects are focused on use of herbs and bio fruits to make some organic products, cereal bars, turning unused wooden pallets into wood jewelry or reuse them as base for billiard tables and dartboards.

All projects are very close with the vision and mission of the school, which is sustainability and self-sufficiency. This attitude is also strongly rooted among the students. Their projects are focused on rising students´ self-confidence and building connection among school community.

At the moment, school is in the process of presentation of students projects to the whole school and community and in a very near future there will be an election of three best projects that will be implemented by students themselves. We will keep you updated. 😉