Ceremoniously closing of the project PlaNET SOEN

On Tueasday, June 20th 2017, we ceremoniously closed the project PlaNET SOEN. Among this project we managed to reach out more than 800 young people from our region. to the project activities were actively involved more than 100 from them and 12 young people completed whole cycle of 8 expert trainings and mentoring programme. Two of our participants also spent two weeks internships in foreign enterprises in Slovenia and Romania. We have supported development of 2 new businesses of our participants who we donated also by starting financial grants. All our successes and experiences from the project we summarized in circle of organizators, Slovak and foreign project partners, participants and entrepreneurs from our network and students from local high schools. We are pleased that Jason Khile, Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Embassy Bratislava, was also presented on our conference. Other special guests were also Sarah Jane Knoy from GSOP USA, Ion Goracel and Adda Crisan from Millenium Social Alternatives Association Romania, Zlatka Zastavnikovič and Aljaž Čibron from E-Zavod Slovenia, Dajana Rodriguez – founder of Slovak world famous business focusing on design and production of leather handbags, purses and accessories, and also Valentína Sedileková – winner of Slovak competition for young talented high school students LEAF awards 2016. We are thankful to all who invested their time, energy and trust to this project. Also thanks to them we were able to show that to change disadvantages of our region to its advantages is not impossible.