Our first online training was a great success

The online space is a fantastic environment for innovation and creativity.

This was also confirmed at our pilot PlaNET SOEN 3.0 online training, where students from our partner countries could think well about their idea and create their own project for improvement in their classroom or street, neighbourhood ….

Through gradual steps and a detailed analysis of the benefits but also the risks of their ideas, they have worked towards a project that can be implemented in a relatively short time and without large financial investments.

The students also learned how to further promote their project and were able to present it so that it would attract potentional investors/clients and become successful.

Partner schools will support their students financially so that some of the successful projects can be implemented and creative ideas can become a reality.

The most skillful and most skillful ones can also look forward to participating in the first workshop in Donovaly, which is located in the very heart of Slovakia.

You will find out more soon.