PlaNET SOEN 2.0 Innovation and Sustainability Training in Nowe Kotlice, Poland

Students, that are participating on our PlaNET SOEN 2.0 project has also the opportunity to travel and learn new skills

This time they had the opportunity to meet people from countries such as Slovakia, Slovenia and Portugal, during training in Poland. The training concerned innovation and sustainable development and the knowledge and skills they have gained will pass to students from their own school.

During the training that took place in Nowe Kotlice and Kielce in Poland, students, teachers and youth workers from four countries worked using methods such as Persona, Empathy Map, Functional Analysis and Ishikawa Diagram. In addition to working in groups on topics directly related to innovation and sustainable development, the group also had the opportunity to participate in study visits to places such as: Kielce Technology Park, Energy Science Center in Kielce and Geoeducation Center Geopark Kielce.

As part of the “PlaNET Social Enterprise 2.0” project, each international training is followed by national training on the same topic. These trainings are run by students who have participated in international training so that they can pass on acquired knowledge and skills.

“PlaNET Social Enterprise 2.0” is conducted entirely by non-formal education methods, and in recent days it has won the title of the best project in terms of cross-sectoral activities using non-formal learning in Slovakia