Closing of the trainings with additional lectures

On February 6th 2017 was organized last training of PlaNET SOEN project. The set of 8 inspirational trainings were closed by the last one focusing on innovations and sustainability in business. Thanks to knowledge gained during trainings and the webinars are participants fully prepared for transferring their ideas into complex plans during mentorships and compering the theory with practice during internships. In order to prepare our participants in the best way to start the mentorship programme we have organized for them additional trainings with professionals in area of startups with Ján Lopušek from TopMonks, Prague, Czech Republic and with American community organizer Trinity Dix from UVIP, New Hampshire/Vermont. Very important was also to prepare our participants for the meeting with entrepreneurs – their future mentors, to be able to present their idea and their interests in the most effective and the best way. Coming from this fact, we organized two additional preparation days (20.2. and 21.2.2017) for our participants during which we gave to their ideas final structure and transferred it to elevator pitch. In next days will participants meet with entrepreneurs on local meeting where they will get know the entrepreneurs better and present to them their ideas. During this local meeting will also SOEN organizing team explain mentorship programmeto them and give necessary instruction for its smooth process. All the youngsters are looking forward to meet with the successful entrepreneurs form our region and to gain their personal mentor who will be undoubtedly the best couch on the way to their business dreams.