Croatia presented its creative student projects

Croatia presented its creative student projects

Even in Croatia, as in our partner country, they know their projects that high school students from Croatian town of Delnice would like to implement this year and thus draw attention to the social problems around us.

The Green Heart:

Today, young people think ecologically and with respect for nature and our planet. The Green Heart project goal is to procure waste sorting bins. Through several workshops, students want to raise awareness of importance of going green and being more eco-friendly. In the general, high school students does not know many practical information about conservation and importance of preserving the environment – students should even wisely choose, which places around school are suitable for waste disposal.

Stop Bullying:

This project seeks to solve the problem of peer violence. Students would like to solve problems in verbal and nonverbal communications, but also reduce violence in their school and in our society to a minimum. The goal of the project is with the help of workshops and education from professionals to help students who, unfortunately, suffer or suffered violence. The project would involve people who have personally felt violence by being an example to others that they must fight for their peace and stop violence. Along with our pedagogue, students would like to establish a counseling center for students in order to try to solve their problems.

Let´s stay together:

This project is trying to solve the problem of poor communication among students. In the Covid-19 pandemic, student relations worsened. It really affects high school students, because the sense of community is lost. The goal of the project is to bring back the high school spirit among students. This project wants to revive certain activities in the school related to sports, art and science, but also to activate student to fight for a better future.