Poland is introducing its student projects

We are here to introduce you to the student projects of our Polish partners, which have the task of improving and enhancing the study and time spent at school and decorating its premises.

Therefore, we offer you a summary of all school participatory budget projects that aim for students´support from our Polish partner school:

School relax corner – The project was created mainly to improve the level of comfort of students at school. The school requires pouffes on which students will be able to sit, rest, eat or drink during breaks. Additionally, they will be able to freely integrate with their peers by talking and laughing together in such places. Pot flowers will be placed next to several of the pouffes, which will certainly have a positive effect on the air students breathe. Such corners will positively affect the interior of the school by making it cozier.

Don’t scribble – Students have noticed, that there is a wall at the entrance of the school that is smudged and dingy. The aim of the project is to improve the well-being of people who, when coming to school, will not see damaged walls, but rather pretty graffiti. In addition, students involved in the implementation of the project will be able to develop their skills, including the field of graphic design.

School´s PC game room – It will be a school e-sport team. The aim is to integrate people playing games in the school. Project can go really well in the school because this particular school is IT technical school and most of students enjoy playing computer games. An E-sport team will integrate a lot of students. Many people who are playing games want to de-stress out.  The main aim of the project is to spent time with people and give them possibility to know each other better and make friends. This project want let every person in the team feels the best as he/she can.

School outdoor relax spot – The main aim of the outdoor relax spot is to make place for students where they can relax between lessons as school hallways are too cramped and let students´eyes rest from monitors by building 2 benches and 1 table. This should happen between January to March 2022.