Introduction of our Slovak PlaNET SOEN student projects

It is time to introduce you to our other Slovak student projects, which are imaginative, innovative and have a taste of philanthropy.

Other students of the Evangelical Gymnasium in Banská Bystrica will be able to choose their favorite project within the school’s participatory budget, which will be financially supported and implemented at their school in the following school year 2022.

Here are short description of the other three Slovak projects:

EVG MEET: The main goal of the project will be to bring an activity to the school that will brighten up the teaching process and create an environment for sharing interesting stories which may inspire the students to pursue similar careers and such. It will be happening monthly in a form of „TEDx“ talks, which will be covering diverse and relevant topics for students. A secondary objective will be to create a space for sharing educational and informative resources.

MOTHER EARTH DAY: The goal of this project is to help in saving Planet Earth by teaching the ones around us how to do so, and by the resources available we are able to to make a yearly event at the school to ensure that even the newer generations learn about this topic and its importance.

EVG PROM: Because of corona situation students had really sad last 2 years. Covid-19 took from them a lot and they  don’t have any more time to waste ! Social contact is very delimited. They also have recognized some changes , not only in their classes but school overall –  relationships between each other are getting “cold”.  The time is running fast and they won’t event realize that it is going to be their last school year. So before they leave, why not to make some memories with those people who made them to enjoy high school time. They hope, that EVG Prom will also raise some money for people in need from Banská Bystrica.

For detailed information, here is a promo video about each of these student projects (only in Slovak language).