Special visit from US Embassy in Gemer region

On March 15th 2017 the SOEN team hosted special visit from US Embassy in Rimavská Sobota. American ambassador Adam Sterling with his lovely wife and colleagues had an afternoon coffee and discussion with organizers, participants and entrepreneurs from project network of project PlaNET SOEN. In addition to the Patronage of the President of Slovak republic and financial support from EU fund Erasmus +, PlaNET SOEN got also financial support from American fund AEIF 2016 (one of the best projects from 800 in world) and Patronage of US Embassy in Slovakia. Because of that Mr. Sterling came to visit our team with an aim to discuss what we already reached in the project, what our participants experienced and what we still have to reach in second half of the project. Mr. Sterling was also very interested into motivation of our young participants and entrepreneurs to join the project and to start actions which can help to our region grow. Discussion was also focused on situation in the region, brain drain effect which the region is suffering with and the possibilities of changing the situation. For us was very interesting to see how Americans see the situation in our region and it was very inspiring to feel their hope for improving the situation in the future. We hope that whole delegation from US Embassy had a nice time in our region and our team feel now even much more empowered to future actions thanks to their personal support.