Let´s start the webinars!

As next step in project PlaNET SOEN are webinars (on-line seminars) prepared by our international partners Zlatka Zastavnikovič from E-ZAVOD, Slovenia and Ion Goracel from Asociatia Alternative Sociale Millenium, Romania. High professionalism and quality of the webinars is ensured by great knowledge and years of experience in work with business, startups, social economy and social businesses of our partners. Value of these webinars is principally in its content which is on one hand designed as complementary to content of the trainings organized in Rimavská Sobota and on the other hand ready to be quality source of information for participants without previous training. The aim of these webinars is not just one way providing of theory where participants are passive listeners but to teach on practical examples and to enrich webinars with practical exercises in order to gain also practical skills from particular themes.

Webinars will start on January 9th 2017 and finish on February 13th 2017.

Themes and dates of the webinars are following:

  • Digital skills and social media as PR tool – How to work with social media and write good press release 9.1.2017
  • Features of social entrepreneurship in EU countries 16.1.2017
  • Crowd funding – how it works, tips how to make good crowd founding, web pages for crowd funding, good practice examples from Slovenia 23.1.2017
  • Social entrepreneur skills 30.1.2017
  • Self – employment in rural areas (other than agriculture) 6.2.2017
  • CSR aspect in business 13.2.2017

Webinars will be available on youtube channel of our organization Agentura pre rozvoj Gemera/Agency for development of Gemer region and on our webpage in new section “webinars”.